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Gear Change On A 2018 6 Speed JLU Sahara

With the addition of bigger tires, the need to correct the gearing becomes a more pressing matter. Compound that with the 3.45 gear ratio in the sport, Sahara and Moab we start noticing the drastic loss of power, drive ability and crawl ratio. Now add in the venerable 6 speed manual transmission and you’ve come face to face with a combination that’s absolutely terrible on the highway and frustrating in town.

However, we have the fix for this! For this particular Jeep, we decided with the owner to install some Yukon 4.88 ratio gears! Along with the gears, you’ll also need a master install kit that comes with the new ring gear bolts, crush sleeve and pinion nut along with the rest of the bearings and seals needed. The regear will bring back your loss of power due to the larger tires and it will drive better than new. The other bonus is the corrected gearing will allow the engine to work less which will improve economy and longevity. We can complete this essential upgrade in a day. Contact us for more info!