Synergy Sector Shaft Brace With PSC Big Bore!! Blazing A Trail!

A Jeep we built and finished on Valentine’s Day came back for the installation of the new synergy sector shaft brace with PSC big bore nut! This was designed to reinforce the frame where the gear box mounts. It’s been reported that the flexing is causing folks to have a dead spot in the wheel and also poor driving characteristics. This mod would be great for your stock Jeep all the way to heavily modified.

For the PSC sector shaft nut, you’ll need a 46mm or 1 13-16”. Both fit perfect and the sae version is usually more common to source. You will then need a 42mm to reinstall the synergy nut. Once removed, you can pull out the 4 bolts that go thru the frame and secure to the gear box. I don’t want this to substitute for the instructions but share some info we’ve learned because apparently this is a very uncommon pairing so far.

A little background, the PSC kit comes with 3 new bolts and you reuse one of the factory ones. When I went to reinstall the gear box, we noticed the threads would be way to short for proper engagement. A quick shout out to Dave at synergy and I was told that we needed a bolt kit! No mention of that had ever been muttered. We determined that the factory bolt was still usable and one of the PSC bolts would still work. We now needed two more bolts to complete the install.

A quick trip to town and we were able to source some bolts. The specs are M12 1.50 pitch 100mm length G10.9. We were only able to get g8.8 and felt that’s more than adequate but will order and replace with g10.9 the next time freedom comes back.

Besides that hiccup, install went great, everything lined up well and from reports of the owner, it made a great improvement in drivability and said it felt stronger!

Synergy Sector Shaft Brace